Hemp Shoulder Sling

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Hemp Shoulder Sling

We LOVE our simple Hemp Strap Shoulder Slings!!  They look great and work with ALL of our flip top lid bottles!  Carry your bottle with this natural Hemp Webbing and super strong mini-carabiner on a split ring.  Clips on quickly and easily with the mini-carabiner.  You can use the strap as your keyring and bottle carrier or exclusively to carry your bottle.  These also make awesome Lanyards for whatever else you would like to carry in this manner.  The natural hemp is so  comfortable to wear and to touch!

Made exclusively in Maui, Hawaii, hand-dyed in small batches with cool colors that flow well with Blue Bottle Love water bottles.

These straps will fit ALL of the Blue Bottle Love bottles with flip top lids.  Just clip it on quickly and easily and it stays on until you want to take it off!  Make sure you always have your keys and water with you by adding your keys to the split ring.  We recommend the Shoulder strap for the 750 ml and the 500ml.  The Liter bottles hang a little low when held by the shoulder strap, but many people definitely love these straps for the Liters too.   Please check the photos to see the two options as to how to attach the keyring to your bottle.  Hover over the photo for magnification.

There is also a way to use this strap with a 5Liter size bottle.  We do NOT recommend to use the mini-carabiner clip with the 5Liter Full Bottle on the Cap.  Instead, it would be safer to loop the strap through the handle as shown in the photo with the 5 liter bottle, and basically use the strap “upside down”.


Carry your bottle to yoga, on a walk or hike, or at a festival.  You can use as a lanyard for your keys and when you want to go on a walk or want your water with you, just clip on quickly and voila, you have your keys and water with you always!

Strap measures 22″ from top of bottle to top of shoulder with a 42″ loop.   Shorter and Longer sizes available upon request.  As of now, only supplying one size.  Please make a note in the Notes area of your order if you would like any other size, best to indicate the size of the loop to fit your body.  Extra charges may apply, and it will take some extra time to make it and for you to receive it.

Why do we make such simple water bottle carriers that do not cover up the bottle?
Well first of all…it is really inspiring to be able to see the beauty and designs of these bottles in action, and especially around sunlight!    And yes, sunlight…by keeping the bottle exposed, then there is even more information from the sun being absorbed by the water through the blue glass.  Another great reason, is that the bottles are very thick and somewhat difficult to break.  Using a simple strap like this will help you carry the bottle easily, but also keeps your attention and awareness on your water and your actions, which is only a good thing!

Please check the photo to see the variety of solid colors available, and the drop down matches the order of keyring from left to right. Each Sling comes with a hangtag that is also a small Sticker!

  • Made in Maui, Hawaii, USA
  • Hand Dyed in Small Batches
  • Very Strong Fair Trade Hemp
  • Super Strong Mini-carabiner
  • Works with all of our Flip Top Lids
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Brown, Kiwi Green, Medium Blue, Deep Blue, Deep Purple, Deep Red, Rust, Surprise Me