MEA Water

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The Option here with the Blue Glass Bottles is not YET available, but the intention to offer these with the XL Genie Bottles is in motion.  
Pre-Sale or Waiting List option will be activated soon.

In the meantime, these exceptional devices from the personal style to use with 2 bottles to the Inline Whole House and Sink and Shower options are available directly from the Australian company MEA.   Kayden has personally met the inventor, Robert Gourlay, and found him to be a genuine and dedicated man who rose to the challenge to create a device that would put a Permanent Negative Charge into the Water that passes through!  As a scientist, he was challenged by his peers to do so, and this is the result!

Please visit their site to learn much more about the devices.   And with the coupon above, you will receive 10% off your order.   If you are seriously wanting the Blue Bottle Love version of the MEA Portable Gold or Portable Silver devices, please send an email with your interest to   The more people requesting these, the sooner it can happen!

MEA Water ® means - Magnetic - Energised - Activated. Water transforms into an energised life-affirming form free of toxic load. This state is where your cells regulate and heal at their highest potential, supporting a healthy life. 

MEA Water ® was born in early 2000 with extensive research and trials. Their  innovation and technology lead the world in water science.

MEA Water ® Devices are easily installed and require zero maintenance. Once installed, they will perform indefinity.

They are located in Mongarlowe, NSW, Australia, near the pristine Budawang National Park. Each MEA Water ® Device is made in Australia from the highest-grade materials, tested and labelled on-site before being packed and shipped.