Over the Shoulder in Jute for Liter Only

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Large - Liter

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Over the Shoulder in Jute for Liter Only

By popular demand, we brought in a large batch of the Over the Shoulder Bottle carriers…and in the process, created a whole new style with the addition of the Jute Style.  To highlight this very cool bottle carrier, we have it listed here separately so you cannot miss it!  These bottles stand up nice and tall and the Jute is a thick rope that can offer protection while still allowing light to pass through for making Blue Solar Water everywhere you go!

These are made in Bali by our beautiful friends of WOABOA on IG.  These are so well thought out, and totally fashionable, hip and adorable all in one!

The Jute is  rustic and all natural,  but not too scratchy.  The rope is very strong, and these holders are very well made….these string bottle holders will last a good long time!

To use, open the sack between the two thicker shoulder straps  and insert the bottle into position.  The two shoulder straps will lock around the neck of the bottle, when you tighten the shoulder straps.  The bottle then stays very secure in the holder.

ATTENTION: Make sure there is always a thick strap on each side of the neck and pull  the straps until they fit snugly next to the neck of the bottle. See photo gallery for the final closed look of the sling when properly fitted.

  • String Bottle Holder Made in Bali by WoBoa
  • Made from a strong material of  Natural Jute Rope
  • Bottle and holder can stand upright when not in use
  • Holds bottle very secure and allows sunlight to solarize the water
  • Embodies the Diamond-shape Water Code symbol
  • Made custom for our LITER size bottles
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Large - Liter