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Blue Bottle Love is very happy to introduce and share this Water Filtration & Structuring system that we use at the Blue Bottle Love Temple Home kitchen.   The mouth-feel of this water is what initially captured the attention and excitement about this water system.  The water is smooth and silky and just dives into your mouth, filling every part of your mouth with hydration!! And then this is what happens inside your body!

 The features of not needing electricity and having 2 varieties of water, for cooking and drinking,  coming from one faucet with the under-counter system was another huge factor.  And then just speaking with the owner of the company and hearing his story and his passion for providing the best water possible, after reverse engineering Water found at Healthy Springs like Lourdes, in France was the clincher!

SpringAqua takes regular tap water and creates water that is clean, hydrating and life promoting. The filters remove all harmful chemicals and contaminants, but that’s only the beginning.

In addition to properly structuring  water, this system then boosts the water  by adding dissolved molecular hydrogen, which is stabilized, unlike tablets and ionizers.It has a complete filtration system that removes all heavy metals, including arsenic, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, iron, lead, mercury, fluoride, nitrites, residual chlorine, THMs, mold, yeast and more. In short, it’s a full-spectrum, high-quality filter that removes anything you don’t want in the water.

Its 14 layer filter was designed based on studying and replicating the geology of mother nature‘s underground filtration at sacred Spring sites like in Lourdes France, which produces some of the most clean and healing water on Earth. This is why the SpringAqua is called an ecosystem in a box, because its design is based on biomimicry, or replicating the Earth’s processes.

Hydrogen enhanced water is a powerful antioxidant. SpringAqua water has a hydrogen concentration of 1.4 to 1.6 ppm/L. One liter of water may be equal to consuming 750 bananas, or 35 carrots, or 4 bags of spinach in antioxidant value.

If you noticed the similarity between the terms hydrogen and hydration, that’s because hydration is all about getting the hydrogen into the cells. The dense, organized molecular structure is what allows that hydrogen to be effectively taken in and utilized.

The third element missing in most filtered water is the minerals that get stripped out. Spring Aqua replenishes them in a bio-available ionized form.The Spring Aqua structures water via a proprietary method involving vortexing, crystals, and nonelectrical near and far broad-spectrum frequencies, all very similar to the way that spring water is structured. It performs beautifully in UV spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance or NMR imaging tests, which are both used as measurements of crystallinity.

The prototypes for this unique structuring method were developed by Dr. Henry, a professor of quantum physics with two PhD‘s in physics and optometric sciences. And the crystalline coherence of the water lasts for three months after it’s poured.With spring aqua, the highly structured water doubles as a ionic mineral supplement. It uses the Maifan Stone, a medical stone, often called a “sun stone,” or “mystery stone” in the japanese culture, or “life stone” in the Americas. And it’s used to amplify the energetic conductivity of the water, and to dissolve around 26 ionically charged electrolytes and trace minerals including quartz, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, selenium, copper, zinc, etc.

Ionized electrolytes are crucial because 90% of Americans are deficient in trace minerals – and that can set our bodies up for failing health. In fact, trace minerals are often the missing link in healing. Nature has designed ecosystems such that natural water provides doses of minerals and electrolytes necessary for our survival. Wild spring water has beautifully balanced and buffered mineral profiles. But the domesticated, treated, denatured, processed, tap water that most folks drink is sadly totally devoid of them.

Restoring water, and our own bloodstream, back to full health has to include ionized electrolytes.The ORP of SpringAqua is -750 mv, plus or minus 100.The SpringAqua’s Wet7 model suffuses water with a concentration of 1.4-1.6 parts per million.And because it adds hydrogen through the alchemy of dissolved magnesium in the water, the hydrogen is far more stable and evaporates much more slowly.

According to Tyler LeBarron, of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute, the world’s leading Hydrogen research center, the SpringAqua produces 100% protium hydrogen. It doesn’t alter the deuterium content of the source water, but it does shift the ratio by adding so much denovo protium hydrogen to it.

SpringAqua has introduced  the WET Technology. It uses no electricity, no plastic bottles, and no water is wasted. It is an award-winning eco-friendly product (recognized by the WIIPA World Invention Intellectual Property Associations) and certified by SGS, the world’s largest provider of inspection, verification, testing, and certification services. Filter certification data is publicly available.

Please visit the SpringAqua site from this link.  There you can watch the videos and learn so much more about this exciting water system.   The owner is passionate about providing the best service and product and Blue Bottle Love is proud to be featured as a trusted partner!  

And as you can see in the main photo, our kitty Tali loves to drink straight from the faucet!  This beautifully engineered faucet comes as part of the set up and it is very elegant and well designed with two handles to control the different kinds of water that the WET 7 system offers! The Wet3 model doesn’t add hydrogen, although it’s a great filter and structurer.  SO there are 3 great options with the Spring Aqua!

Also…watch this very informative video…..that our dear friend Jen Isabel Friend has made to present the benefits of Spring Aqua!  ps..the video has Jen’s Coupon..but if you found Spring Aqua here through Blue Bottle Love, it would be best if you use the Coupon BLUEBOTTLELOVE! Thank you!

Prices range from $1900-$4800 + tax and shipping is predicated by the number of family/pets consuming the water per household, your city location and your water source (city tap water, water from the well, living close to sea water). This will help determine the proper customization so that we can give the correct recommendation

The link will take you to the Spring Aqua website, and from there, you can easily sign up to have access to the learning videos and have the option to receive a call from the owner Kenny, to go over any questions you may have. .