SwingTop Replacement Cap ~ 5 Liter Bottles

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SwingTop Replacement Cap ~ 5 Liter Bottles

Our swing top caps are nice and sturdy, but just in case you need an extra or a replacement, here they are!   These are made to fit our 5 Liter bottles perfectly.  And they probably won’t fit any other bottle you might have.

These swing top caps are made in Europe , and we have added our Flowing and Growing logo.  These caps are the European standard  for ALL flip top bottles produced there.  The cap is made of BPA-Free Polypropylene and the dark blue seal is made of Thermoplastic Elastomere and will not degrade as rubber gaskets do.  They will last wonderfully on your bottles.

It is important to clean them from time to time.  We like to use our Blue Love Probiotic All Purpose Soap or Grapefruit Seed Extract, both available on our site. You may also use hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar.  If you live in a damp moldy climate, it is important to clean them more often. Be sure to check on your cap gasket.  If you see black on it,  it has grown mold which is very difficult to get rid of!  With regular cleaning of the cap and bottle, you will avoid this situation.  Please see our Care for your Bottle section to learn more.

All of our 5 Liter size bottles come with these caps,  so there is no need to buy one unless you just want to have them on hand for the future, or for other Blue Bottle Love bottles you bought in the past.  As they are custom made for our bottles, we cannot ensure that they will fit another type of Flip-Top Bottle besides Blue Bottle Love.

In addition, if you use the dishwasher to clean your bottle, we recommend you remove the cap before doing so.  You will need to pry one side out away from the prong socket, then the rest of the cap will come off easily.

You can be sure you have a authentic Blue Bottle Love water bottle because we are the only ones in the world offering these true Blue beauties with Swing Top lids!!

If the cap you have is too loose and coming off…please watch this video as to how to tighten the cap, as it is a simple fix!!

  • SwingTop Replacement Cap for our 5 Liter Bottles
  • Liner made of Thermoplastic Elastomere
  • Made in France.