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Our Newest addition!!  The 2 Liter Jugs everyone has been asking about are here!  We brought in a limited amount to "test the waters" and see how well they perform and how much people love them!  

This is an excellent size for bringing enough water with you for the day, without such a heavy bottle to carry.  This bottle weighs 6.5lbs when full.  In addition, the backpack slings we originally made for the 5Liter bottles fit these easily and perfectly!  Feels almost like nothing on your back...except a nice big heart expansion!!  

All of the beautiful stickers available on our site, will fit very nicely onto these bottles and add some colorful high vibrational frequencies to your water!     And from these photos you might be able to see there are an abundance of bottles available!  There is a 3 bottle offer for a little better price on 3 or multiples of 3!

Instead of the Flip Top lid...which can only be offered if there is a Full Run of that style, we chose to have a custom Acacia Wood OverCap made for the small black plastic cap we found.  This is quite a rare size bottle cap to find in the USA, as this is more of a European size.  Laser Etched onto the lids of all the caps is our Blue Bottle Love logo and the words Water is Life is Love is Water is Life is Love is....and by the way, there is even a song that goes with those words!

The thickness of the glass for these bottles is slightly less thick than our other bottles, so please take extra precaution when transporting and making use of it in your daily life.

As for the Cap, it is made of wood so best not to put in the dishwasher of course, and no need to soak it in water for long periods of time, but it is able to get wet and still look good and perform well. 

To increase the energy and frequency of your Water, be sure to set your bottle,  filled with the cleanest water you have access to, in the sun for 15 minutes up to 1 hour to amplify the energy. Please leave a little room for expansion of the water…but since this is a screw top cap, there should not be the same kind of build of pressure inside these bottles  It is a new item though, so your feedback and experiences with this bottle is welcome.

Be sure to read our FAQ section for care instructions and other valuable information.

Water is Listening and Truthfully Revealing ALL that it sees and hears!  Water is Conscious…and Vibrationally Healing!

  • Gorgeous true blue glass is made in Italy.

  • Custom made Acacia Wood cap with laser etched logo and wording

  • Sturdy, reusable cobalt blue glass is ideal for all kinds of waters.

  • Water stays fresh and clean and hydrogen rich in Blue Glass.


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