Blue Bottle Love Glass Water Bottles


Here you will find our full array of designs to choose from!

Click on each design to see each sandblasted image, then scroll through the pictures to see the bottle sizes and gorgeous shots of the bottles from the inside out! Please note…we have a NEW BOLD 750 ml bottle size, which is a perfect amount of water to carry with you!  They look just like the  Short 500 ml bottles, but larger.  The short ones  will soon become collectors items, so stock up if you love them!

Check out the Packages now available which include the Liters!!  Great for gift giving and awesome for us to pack them up and get them to you quickly!  Shipping prices for packages heading to your address within USA are already included in the Packages.  Savings of up to $21 when you buy a package!

For International orders, shipping will be approximately $65 for each of the Sale packages.  If you would like to get several bottles, please email directly and we can offer you better shipping rates that would not be calculated properly on the website.   Shipping would be by Fed Ex international Economy.

Please note…orders made before Monday of each week, ship out by Friday of the same week, under normal circumstances.  

Please note, we will be shipping out more often for the holidays and up until Dec 18, 2018 in order to arrive by Dec. 24 , but not guaranteed.  If you would like to have a guaranteed arrival date, please inquire directly for rates.  Also, you may call for special orders and know that the SALE packages are available up until Dec 21, 2018 to ship out.

FOR THE HOLIDAY TIME OF YEAR….from Dec. 21, 2018 – Jan. 4 2019 we will be in limited production mode.   If you must have a certain bottle design…please check the list of bottles available for immediate shipment under the SALE PACKAGE of 4 bottles, 1 of each…to know which bottles are available to ship from our Hawaii location.   Our custom production team is taking a break and resting up during this time to be fully charged and ready for 2019!  So just know that if you do order something we do not have ready-made, then the shipping time will be in the second week of January, 2019.  

Thank you for your kind understanding!    We hope you enjoy this holiday season and bless your friends and yourself with Blue Bottle LOVE frequencies for the LOVE of Water and Life Force Energy~

Orders can take from 5-15 days to receive, and International orders can take even longer.  Be sure to read our full Shipping Policy located at bottom of page for more information.

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