Blue Bottle Love Glass Water Bottles

Here you will find our full array of designs to choose from!

Click on each design to see each sandblasted image, then scroll through the pictures to see the bottle options and gorgeous shots of the bottles from the inside out!

For a clear description of the sizes and weights of the various bottles we have available, as well as the ones sold in the past, please go to our Bottle Shapes and Sizes page.

We have set the shipping price to accurately reflect the shipping costs for the large bottles shipped by Fed Ex Ground within the USA and around the world.  We are still offering our same great shipping rates for the 500ml, 750ml and the 1 liter of $12 for as many bottles as you like.    Ideally you can order at least 3  bottles to fit into the USPS Medium Flat Rate boxes, but if you order more, then your order will ship by Fed Ex Ground and we will need your physical address.

We are shipping these beauties from one or more of our 3 locations: Boulder, Colorado, Northern Cal, or Maui, Hawaii.  Please have patience no matter what….as the bottles are usually made to order.  All accessories usually ship from Maui.  It is possible to ship your entire order from Maui, Hawaii if we have all that you want here.  In that case, your order can go out sooner.   An email inquiry is a good way to contact us to inform us of  your “need by date” and availability of your desired choices of bottles and accessories.    

Depending on what you order, we will decide where your bottles will ship from and how much time will pass before shipping. Please let us know if you have a certain date you would ideally like to receive your order by, and we will do our best to meet that.  Almost ALL accessories will ship from Maui, Hawaii.  Thank you for continuing to buy these bottles in these uncertain times.    They bring so much joy to your Water relationship….a must have for sure!

750 ml bottle update.   We have more coming from Italy eventually, but we are running out of them except for the stock in Maui, Hawaii…so if you order any 750 ml, it will definitely come from Maui.  If you do not see 750 ml listed for your chosen design, then it is not possible to order that size until more arrive from Italy sometime this summer.

Shipping costs are as follows for US Orders and most orders ship using US Mail.  The 5 Liters and the larger orders ship by Fed Ex ground, so please provide a physical address for your order.  If you order several different kinds of items, the shipping prices for each type of item will  be added together.  Usually this works out very accurately to match the actual shipping prices we must pay to get the package to you. If your actual shipping costs are substantially lower than what we must pay, then we will happily refund a portion of your shipping costs.

USA Orders
$3 flat rate for small accessory items
$9 flat rate for Blue Love home and body care and books
$12 flat rate for the 500 ml, 750 ml and 1 Liter bottles
$24 flat rate for the 5 Liter size bottles up to 6 bottles

International Orders 
We are no longer shipping First Class mail for the bottles except to Canada.  Due to the situation in the world these days, the shipping times have become much too long (up to 2 months) and tracking is usually not available or reliable. So we only ship via Priority Mail or Fed Ex International Economy around the world, and usually the Fed Ex International is the best rate.  One way to make the shipping price per bottle go down, is to place a group order with friends and the shipping cost per bottle could go down to as low as $12-$15 for 6 bottles or more.  This is a great way to share Blue Bottle Love with your friends and spread the Blue Bottle Love to your community! Please  fill out your address information in the cart, to check the shipping rates.

The One Liter Bottles are available NOW  for our European Blue Bottle Lovers!!  Please visit  to place orders for these beauties!  We are starting with 6 designs and we will soon be adding more designs.    Be sure to also follow on IG as well as @bluebottlelove for fun, inspirational and beautiful Blue Bottle Love shares!

Orders can take from 5-15 days to receive under normal circumstances, and International orders can take even longer.   The US Mail is taking longer than it used to take…gone is the 3 day shipping unfortunately.  Be sure to read our full Shipping Policy.

For a clear description of the sizes and weights of the various bottles we have available, as well as the ones sold in the past, please go to our Bottle Shapes and Sizes page.

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