Blue Bottle Love Glass Water Bottles


Here you will find all of our exclusive Blue Bottle Love designs as well as some of our favorite structuring devices.

Click on each design to see each sandblasted image, then scroll through the pictures to see the bottle options and gorgeous shots of the bottles from the inside out!  You will also see a comparison of bottle sizes and weights in these photos.

For a clear description of the sizes and weights of the various bottles we have available, as well as the ones sold in the past, please go to our Bottle Shapes and Sizes page.


WOW…how did it get to be June already!!!  Well we are almost completely out of the 5 LITER bottles, just a few more of the sandblasted designs left….and planning to bring in more again!  In addition, we are almost out of the Medium 750ml 25 oz bottles!!  If the design you choose says that it is Out of Stock, then it will be that way for quite a while, although there is a little chance to hopefully bring in a pallet of this highly desirable size!! Stay tuned on that!  We still have about 20 designs available in that size, and they will ship from Maui!

 As for the new website, the goal date is 6/30/24   Please be sure to sign up for the Newsletter to get the announcement for sure so that you are opted into the mailing list!  Very important!  On another note, some  of the 1Liter bottles have some interesting markings on the neck, that look very much like Lumerian Crystal Codes!  If you have ever seen a Lumerian Crystal, you will know these markings!  If you get a bottle with this kind of marking, consider yourself Lucky!

Please see the special Sale Design called Dolphinitively for an exclusive discounted price on the 1Liter size only.  And check around the site too for other discounts listed on the site! 

We are shipping these beauties from either of these locations: Grand Rapids, Michigan, Boulder, Colorado,  or Maui, Hawaii.   All accessories usually ship from Maui.  It is possible to ship your entire order from Maui, Hawaii if we have all that you want here.    An email inquiry is a good way to contact us to inform us of  your “need by date” and availability of your desired choices of bottles and accessories.    Our turn-around time is usually within 2-5 days now, but once in a while it takes a little longer in case something happens at the shop to slow the teams down!!  For all shipping information, please click here to read our SHIPPING POLICY, especially if you are concerned about timing, shipping costs and methods, and definitely if you are an International Customer. 

 International Customers…please note…we have an EU website ~ ~  to serve all of the EU and UK customers!!  For specific distributors in UK and Australia, please visit this link.

Thank you for reading the Shipping Policy,  BEFORE sending inquiries regarding shipping topics. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please allow some air space at the top of your bottle (1″-2″), when setting it out to make Blue Solar Water.  The water can expand with the heat, as well as with freezing temperatures, so there have been instances of the bottle breaking if there is no room for the water to expand within the bottle, especially the 5 Liter and Liter size bottles.   You can even just set the cap on top, rather than sealing it shut, during the Solarizing of the water.    Thank you for following this important information for the longevity of your bottle. In addition, we are no longer recommending to leave the bottle outside longer than 1 hour.  Water will receive the blue love and solar frequencies within 15 minutes – 1 hour.

Orders can take from 2-7 days to ship under normal circumstances, and International orders can take even longer.   

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