Water Crystallography

Water Crystallography


Influenced by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, we have Water Crystals from Blue Bottle Love captured by Rainer Niederkofler

In 2019, on a business trip to Italy , we also had the good fortune to meet with Rainer Neiderkofler, who uses a similar technique that Dr. Masaru Emoto used to  capture frozen water crystals.  He was able to capture photos showing  the crystalline structure formed when water is held in Blue Bottle Love bottles!

This is the pure evidence, that our Blue Bottles return the water they carry to Zero Point and charge it with the purest intentions of the chosen symbol sandblasted onto the bottles.  It was such a delight to meet with Rainer in his office in the town of San Lorenzo di Sebato in Norther Italy.  Not only did we have a lovely time connecting, we also put distilled water into 6 of the bottles from Blue Bottle Love and set them out into the sunlight.  Later Rainer bottled up the water into special vials and later used his special equipment which allows us to see the beautiful crystals formed from the water in the bottles.   If you would like to contact him, he is available for your project at watercrystal.eu

Ho`oponopono Love Gratitude Compassion Forgiveness Water Crystal by Blue Bottle Love. This crystal is very beautiful and harmoniously balanced!


This water crystal is the most defined of all that were captured by Rainer. The Mandala for the Moksha design is very intricate and seems to have been well received by water to reflect back such an intricate crystal!


The Water Code symbol is so potent and joins the energy of Light and Water…this water crystal embodies 2 frequencies that mirror as well as enhance each other, much in the same way that Water and Light interact! The bottom “ghost” crystal has the intricate markings of the diamond pattern of water…hidden yet also appearing as water mysteriously does in 4 dimensions!

This is the very first 5 LITER Blue Bottle Love bottle with Swing Top lid that arrived to Maui from Italy! The Water Crystal was captured in Italy using the UMH Live Water Structuring Device. Inside the crystal, you will notice evidence of the Structure Device!

The UMA bottle is very special and the water crystal formed from it is very unique indeed! It even seems that the lettering of U M A appears several times in the outer formations of the crystal. The specific formation of the crystal matches well with this super cool logo design for UMA.

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