Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger

A self taught genius of natural science, born in 1885, Viktor Schauberger, also known as “The Water Wizard” is to water as Nikola Tesla is to electricity. 

Viktor grew up in the pristine untouched forests of Austria where he would spend his days getting “lost” in nature, often spending hours gazing into the flowing water of pristine mountain rivers. Later in his adult life he describes becoming aware of water as “the bearer of Life and the source of what we call consciousness.”   

He explains the experience of allowing the flowing water to magnetically pull a piece of his consciousness into itself with such a powerful force that he would fall into a deep sleep. Upon awakening his mind would be filled with amazing new insights from the consciousness of the Living Waters.It was through this shamanic connection with water that Viktor Schauberger began to invent many amazing technologies for everything from free energy derived from the implosion physics of spiraling water and the fluid medium of air, to simple, efficient nonpolluting, regenerative methods of water and soil management, farming and even antigravity technology, much of which was confiscated by the U.S. and Nazi military during WWII.

Some of Schauberger’s most studied and applied wisdom in use today is his work concerning the vortexing, remineralization and structuring of water to restore it to it’s most pristine and mature form. When this water is used for growing crops, they grow faster, stronger and produce fruits of the highest nutritional and energetic quality. This form of vitalized water also has powerful healing and rejuvenating affects on the human body when used as drinking water. His knowledge and insights concerning this application of water’s wisdom is a primary source of inspiration for books such as “Dancing with Water: the New Science of Water”.

Victor Schauberger’s motto was “comprehend and copy nature”. Through this mode of discovery he leaves us with a powerful insight. “The Upholder of the Cycles which supports the whole of Life, is water. In every drop of water dwells the Godhead, whom we all serve; there also dwells Life, the Soul of the ‘First’ substance -Water- whose boundaries and banks are the capillaries that guide it and in which it circulates.”

Dancing With Water

This is an AMAZING book…we LOVE IT!!  So easy to understand and so well written.  It really helps one to understand just how precious our water is and how we can honor it and enhance it with simple energetic tools.  Actually this is the Second Edition, newly released and it has about 40% new material in it!  So if you have the First Edition, you might want to get this one too!

This book is available on the site of the Author…so please visit this link to purchase this book!

Dancing with Water will help you understand the New Science of Water and it will provide you with the tools so  you can create FULL SPECTRUM WATER. . . in your own home.

Dancing With Water is an engaging and well-referenced guide designed for everyone interested in understanding and revitalizing their water. It accomplishes what no other book has attempted—the blending of science with esoteric wisdom that has survived the ages. Dancing with Water introduces the New Science of Water, leading the way to a more complete understanding of water’s liquid crystalline phase and of its biological significance.

Despite the fact that tap water is still more or less free, people are increasingly willing to pay top dollar to get water that is filtered, purified, structured, ionized, enhanced with minerals, etc.  Yet people everywhere are still asking one basic question:

What Is The Best  Water?

Dancing with Water will help you answer this basic question. It  includes information on:

  • The New Science regarding water’s liquid crystalline molecular structure.
  • Instructions for making full-spectrum, living water.
  • Details for how to use water as a healing modality.
  • Information on how to bring the life back to the water on planet Earth.
  • Much more…

Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist who has shown us the power of our thoughts for making changes to water, said:

“To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature and life itself.”

Water is the key to connecting to all that is  . . . and to all that we are.

Dancing With Water by MJ Pangman, MS & Melanie Evans.


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