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Meeting Kayden Radhe was such a special moment to me, actually it was so much more.   Something very powerful was at the edge of my life, awaiting me fully…I talk about her because she is the absolute reflection of what she shares with Blue Bottle Love.  Indeed, I was ready to spread big codes of Love to my tribe, I was ready to share them in a tangible way. I was ready to awaken more and more beings on this beautiful Planet.   
I was ready to reconnect to the power of water itself.   So I did!
Making my own customized bottles and bringing them to Europe to make water ceremony was something I would personally never conceive, but the calling of this blue love was so obvious that I had no choice but to dare to say yes to the yes! Yes to spread the love, the codes I came on Earth to share.  And I am so grateful I did because thanks to this Yes,  my people can use their own bottle as an anchor  to my teachings, to the real version of themselves and they drink at it everyday and spread their own ripple!
This is a true blessing. I wish to everyone to do it.  Because it’s time for action to become sacred!
With so much Aloha,

In the era when the body of Mother Earth needs healing & LOVE to ascend to the 5th dimension with all Her inhabitants, Blue Bottle Love spreads message of Water Consciousness in a practical and beautiful way around our beloved Planet. 

My water feels sacred and it vibrates in the frequency of Unconditional Love when I drink it from the Blue Bottle. 

I AM grateful for the blessing of the high frequency Blue Bottle which has its own language and speaks right to the Soul.

-ShaktiRA, Divine Human & Alchemy of Life Projects


I am so delighted with my Ascension Alchemy bottle! I can totally feel the solarised energy in the water and it makes me want to drink more.
It’s also perfect for my water blessing ceremonies!
Thank you Blue Bottle Love!!  I am honored that my song “The Water Blessing Song”
is part of Blue Bottle Love’s Water Love Album too.
 I am not sure how I ever lived without one !

~Nalini Blossom,

Singer/Sound Healer/Women’s Group Facilitator


I love to share “Gifts of the Earth” with my friends and water is no exception. I discovered blue bottle love and its healing properties of allowing the blue frequency into the water i drink. I learned that when light passes thru the blue bottle it gives structure and energy to the water. Likewise blue is the same color around healthy cells in our body. I quit using plastic water bottles years ago not only because of the environmental waste, but also because of the chemicals in the plastics that can leach into the water bottle over time. I also like to flavor my water with essentil oils. The potency of pure essential oils can breakdown plastic, another reason I turned to drinking my water from glass. Hydrating my body with clean water is important to me. I even celebrate World Water Day every March 22nd, do you? I want to thrive in my health and wellness and I want my friends and family to as well. Blue Bottle Love is a powerful and beautiful way to spread that message around the world. Give the gift of water with Blue Bottle Love, i do.

~ Linda Hahn


Prema LoveDiscovering Blue Bottle Love has honestly shifted my life for the better. I feel amazing drinking water out of the beautiful blue bottle with positive affirmations and sacred geometry because I can feel how it activates the water and super charges it to a higher vibration. I carry my bottle wherever I go as a touring musician and sound healer. You will always see it with me on stage or on my arm. Having such a gorgeous bottle with such a sacred intention inspires me to drink more water, because when I do, it elevates my mood and energizes me to a higher vibration! I love that they are eco~friendly, which I feel is wonderful not only for myself, but also for our planet. And I am so grateful I was able to create my own unique Blue Bottle Love custom design with Divine Love and a beautiful Sri Yantra.

~Prema Love    

Sacred Musician and Sound Alchemist


I received my first Blue Bottle on my birthday last year- a beautiful 1 Liter “Awakening” bottle that also has a lotus design. I can sincerely affirm that using this bottle was a catalyst for my journey of Awakening as well as bringing so much more consciousness to the simple, yet powerful act of blessing and drinking water. I have since then gotten many more Blue Bottles- I treasure them, I put them in the sunlight, I keep them on my altars, next to my bedside, and I take them where ever I go. I regard these blue bottles as a powerful healing tool. Drinking water from these beautiful bottles makes drinking water so much more intentional and sacred! I basically have a water ceremony ever day with my blue bottle by intentionally purifying the water in the sunlight and sending love and gratitude to the water! Having my blue bottle with me when I am performing (I am a singer/musician) feels really good because I know I am promoting more awareness of our sacred water and choosing not to support wasteful and polluting plastic water bottle companies. Thank you Kayden for creating these Blue Bottles, as they enhance my life in a simple and profound way! Water is Life!

I am ecstatic to announce my co-creating with Blue Bottle Love to bring my own custom logo to the world on these gorgeous bottles.- for all the truth seekers, lovers, artists and hummingbird tribe. 💙Truth💙Love💙Beauty💙

~In Love and Gratitude, Mary Isis      

Visionary Singer & Musician

I have loved my Blue Bottle for the last 7 years. I actually have a couple of them. They are great conversation pieces and I feel good drinking from it. One story that I’d like to share involves my bottle with the OM symbol on it. Whenever I would teach a class, I would have my blue bottle up at the front of the room with me. At the end of the class, I would flip the lid of the bottle off and then the class would say Ohmmmm. I would then flip the lid closed and say to everyone, “Thank you! I will be drinking the positive vibrations from your OM’s for the rest of the day!”   It would always get a good laugh and I truly felt positive energy from the water as I drank from my Blue Bottle for the rest of the day. I would love to see what a photo of that water looked like. I bet it would have made beautiful images for Dr. Emoto. Thank you for all that you do. I love your product. Namaste’

~Matt Rothert     Yoga Teacher 

The Green Yogi and The Yoga Loft, Manhattan Beach, California


I love my Blue Bottle Love. Water is such an integral part of our everyday lives that it can be easy to take it for granted, yet it truly is pure life force. Ever since this gorgeous Blue Bottle Love came into my life after a magical trip to the island of Kauai, I’ve fallen in love with drinking water from it, and honestly have fallen in love with drinking water all over again. It’s led me to become more conscious in my drinking because I enjoy drinking from my bottle so much. It’s actually become an experience, not just a necessity, a way to bring the sacred into my everyday life. Now anyone who’s familiar with Dr Masaru Emoto’s work is aware of water’s receptivity to symbols, words, music, thoughts, feelings, and intentions. At an energetic level we can actually affect the crystalline structure of water. I love having a sacred water bottle that I consciously love and fill with energy and gratitude to incorporate more conscious consumption of our pure life force. It also just so happens to be great for our planet.
~Shawn Reeder  
Visual Artist  




Your bottle of LOVE came yesterday. It gleamed in the sunshine. I sat crying from the election results and my fears for family whose rights could possibly be in danger. As I sat crying my amazing 21 year old daughter called & asked how I was doing. I told her I was drinking water out of my bottle of LOVE and trying to wrap my head around our new challenges as spiritual beings. She told me my bottle already had the answer. “LOVE”. She is incredibly insightful. Plus she is correct. LOVE is how we counter fear. Always have a blue bottle around. But this is the one with the answer. I truly have an amazing daughter, and have enjoyed your bottles for a long time. My first one was Gratitude. Thanks again. With love & light!!!! Cheers!!!!


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