Care and Use for your Blue Bottle Love

Care and Use for your Blue Bottle Love

These are very special bottles...take care of them and they will take care of you in so many wonderful ways!  

Be sure to read thoroughly so you can maintain and make the best use of these bottles designed to honor the Consciousness of Water!



Clean Your Bottle Regularly

Rinse inside of your bottles before first time use with clean water. If you are drinking straight from the bottle, then you will want to  clean the inside of your bottles as needed with Hydrogen Peroxide, White Vinegar or Grapefruit Seed Extract and hot water. If you maintain the cleanliness of the bottle and cap each week, then you can be sure that no mold will grow.  In the past, it did not seem that mold built up so quickly as it does now in Hawaii.   Possible reasons are more airborne bacteria.  Please take the time to clean more rather than less often.  If your bottle smells inside, the most effective method of taking care of this is to fully soak White Vinegar in the bottle for 24 hours or more, and rinse thoroughly.  We have extra long bottle brushes available. Washing with dish soap is fine, but it will be difficult to remove the soapy taste from inside the bottle. Soap will also leave a residue on the sandblasted portion of your bottle.  We do recommend though using our Blue Love All Purpose Cleaner.  It is made from 100% Plant Ingredients and Protective Probiotics.  It rinses easily and does not leave a soapy or fragranced residue.  It is truly amazing!  And the water and soap you rinse out goes on  to create a life-enhancing environment in the waste stream.  Ideally you will use Blue Bottle Love bottles for water only. They are very easy to keep clean if you do not add anything but essential oils to your water.  These bottles are designed for honoring and blessing your water!  Smoothies and other beverages belong in nice wide mouth glass mason jars for easy cleaning!     Just remember…if you do drink from the bottle, we all have bacteria in our mouths.  Cleaning the inside of the cap and the glass of the  mouthpiece often is the best way to keep your bottle and cap in pristine condition!

Make Ho`Oponopono Blue Solar Water

These beautiful Blue Glass Water Bottles are ideal for making Blue Solar Water!  Set bottles filled with water in the sun for a Minimum of 15 minutes to Maximum 1 hour for the water to take on the frequency of the Blue and the information from the Sun.  We no longer recommend long solarizing sessions as this may cause an issue of too much heat expansion and your bottle could possibly break.  This would happen if there was no room in the bottle for the water to expand.  You can either leave plenty of empty headspace at the top of the bottle for the water to expand, or you can set the bottle out with the cap just sitting on top of the opening, without locking it down.  Also, solarizing in the early morning or late afternoon, with cooler temperatures would be ideal too.  Instead of cooling in the refrigerator, you can try leaving it out overnight to cool off, unless the weather is freezing.  

Solarizing your water through these blue glass water bottles will make your water sweeter and smoother.  It is truly an amazing effect.  The blue glass helps the water remember its primordial color frequency, and so water’s memory of itself is taken back to zero point frequency…when it was first born!  From there with the frequency of the sandblasted design plus the power of your intention, you can 100% charge up your water with super high vibrations.
You can use this water not only for yourself. Pets love it.  Fill bird feeders with Blue Solar Water. Indoor and outdoor plants adore Blue Solar Water!  Add some to your smoothies, or tea or coffee (after making it hot) or to your bath water.  Also rinsing your body with Blue Solar Water after the beach or a warm day is another treat, especially if the water is warm, it is then a Blue Solar Shower Water Blessing!

Drink Plenty Of Water

Stay hydrated throughout the day, drinking half your body weight in ounces, in small increments every 20-30 minutes or so, rather than large doses at once. Our 5 liter size holds 170 oz, our liters hold 34 oz, the  750 ml holds 25 oz, and our half liters hold 17 oz.  Now you do the math to figure out how many refills you will be drinking each day!  You will notice that Blue Solar Water is smooth and sweet tasting, so you will actually want to drink more water than usual!  What a great benefit since most of us are dehydrated, and dehydration is a major cause of many ailments in the body.  Our bodies are 75-80% water, and 99% water by molecular count, so it truly is important to stay well hydrated with the best water you can find!  

Opening The Flip Top Cap

Always open the flip-top lid towards the same sides as the metal loop.  This will ensure that the locking mechanism will close properly.  If you do happen to open it towards the wrong side, just lift the two parts above mouthpiece, and move them together to the correct side, where the metal loop is.  Use this photo to see how  the metal loop looks when opened the right way.  As for how to open, the idea is to push or pull the two bent-wire connections found on each side of the cap away from the bottle. The easiest way is to either pull with thumb and forefinger, creating a leverage with the base of forefinger against the bottle or you can  push them with your two thumbs, while holding the bottle in place. Do NOT try to pry open the wire that is tightly clasped to the bottle–this can result in broken fingernails and discomfort to the finger. A little practice and you will be opening these bottles easily with one hand!

Transport & Travel Easily With Your Bottle

Carry your water bottle with you everywhere you go, to be sure to drink plenty of water. We have  a variety of custom made String Bottle Holders  and  Hemp Strap Slings available in our online store. Blue Bottle Love travels very well too! In your suitcase filled with water so you have fresh, clean water upon landing. (Protect bottle by wrapping in clothing or cardboard.) As an empty carry-on, you can fill your bottle with water, once you are inside the terminal at a coffee shop or fountain and have Blue Bottle Love water with you when you travel….this is a very eco~conscious method, and it is what we do when we travel!  

Also, for those of you interested in Kangan Water…this is medical grade water, so when you travel by airplane, you can actually carry your water on the airplane!!  You just have to let  TSA know that this is your water for your medical condition, and they will “test it” while you wait. Being able to travel with your water is such an added bonus, especially if you travel a lot.  You can even travel with your machine if you are so inclined. 

 Ideally you will get a pat-down instead of going through the full body X-ray machines which altar your DNA.  Be sure to go plenty early to the airport to have time for having your water tested and getting the pat down. This only works in the USA with TSA by the way.  International airports are much more strict when it comes to traveling with water.   

Finding The Best Water Available

Finding the best water you have access to is something we definitely recommend.  Be sure to do your research and get a good quality water filter for your home.  Chlorine, chloramines, prescription drugs, fluoride and other undesirable substances tend to be found in tap water.  If you can get a whole house water filter as well as a drinking water filter, then you will be well equipped to enjoy water in your home when you drink, bathe, wash dishes, garden, etc. And be sure to check out the UMH Water Structuring Devices as well as the Spring Aqua system as well as our Other Recommendations.  Several locations have spring water delivery as well as high quality water stores.  Know where your water comes from.  Please stop the cycle of buying plastic water bottles of water.  It is such an undesirable way to package water, for water takes on the frequency of that which it is exposed to.  So spring water, held in plastic bottles can become tainted with the frequency of plastic and the BPA’s and other plastic undesirables.  Wild, Magical and Free Spring Water is our water of choice!  This water comes straight out of the earth and is so delicious and fresh.  Check out to  locate a fresh water source near you! It is worth the drive and a very fulfilling experience to collect spring water!

Be Aware Of Your Bottle As Well As Temperature Changes

These blue glass water bottles are very thick and durable, yet they are still glass. Carrying a Blue Bottle Love bottle offers you the opportunity to raise your awareness in regards to tuning in to where your water bottle is and how you are carrying it.  Loving your water and your water bottle will definitely have an amazing effect on how long your bottle will last.  When you make Blue Solar Water, the water can become warm…or if you leave it in a warm car.  To cool it off, you can leave it outside overnight if the weather is not freezing, and your water will taste fresh and amazing the next day!  Please note, water expands when it is frozen so please do not put your full or even partial bottle of water into the freezer or leave it outside or even in your car, if the weather is FREEZING…it will almost definitely crack.    It looks pretty amazing in this pic, but a better way to cool off your water would be to put it into the refrigerator.  Enjoy your Blue Bottle Love Water!

AND speaking of weather extremes…it is getting much warmer in certain locations lately.  Please Solarize your water for Maximum 1 Hour outside in the SUN and with the space for the water to expand at the top of the bottle (about 1″) or else leave the cap sitting on the bottle opening, without locking it down.   This will allow any excess energy to escape without breaking the bottle!

Sandblasted Blue Glass

Dry your sandblasted design with a clean towel to remove oils and water marks to reveal the original, high definition look. Apply a little alcohol onto the bottle design, and rub with clean cloth to really make it stand out brightly! Eventually the image will absorb body oils and the image will appear darker, but the design will never disappear, as it is deeply etched into the glass.

Maintain the Cleanliness of  Your Bottle

This is definitely not a picture we love to show, but this can happen if you drink from your bottle and never clean it.  To prevent this from happening, use one of our 3 favorite cleaning products to keep unwanted bacteria and mold from growing on your cap.  If you live in a moist climate,  remember to clean your bottle and cap more often if you drink straight from the bottle.  When cleaning inside your bottle with hydrogen peroxide, grapefruit seed extract, or white vinegar, allow the cleaning liquid to run over the inside of the cap when emptying out the bottle.  Clean the cap with your fingers as well and rinse thoroughly.   If you do this BEFORE your cap ever gets dirty, then it will stay nice and clean for a good long time.  If you discover that your cap looks like this image or worse,  before purchasing a replacement cap, try to clean it with hot water, and one of the previously mentioned cleaners,  and a very strong scrubber.    You can also purchase a new cap from our online store.   We do not recommend washing the caps in the dishwasher.  The metal will degrade, and the gasket may lose its nice tight seal.  Remember our mouths host quite a bit of bacteria, so even if you are a very clean person, this can still happen.  The best way to avoid this from happening is to practice preventive-style cleaning from the start of your relationship with your bottle.  Enjoy!!

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