Our Values at Blue Bottle Love

Blue Bottle Love believes in the fact that everything is frequency and vibration.  In the words of Nikola Tesla, “If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” Yes! Everything is vibration . . . and water is the master listener!   With the power to effect change with our thoughts and intentions, we can affect our own vibration, as well our water’s vibration, as water is receptive and receives the imprint of our thoughts and intentions.  Our gratitude for water should be our number one concern for without it, we are nothing.   Water is Life and Life is Love and Love is Water……Love the water in your body, Love the waters of the earth for all of eternity.  We are water beings, and when we realize this, we will learn to respect water, and honor it for all of its life-giving and life-enhancing qualities.

Blue Bottle Love is committed to honoring our water in whatever positive ways we can.   Supporting clean water initiatives and actions, boycotting corporations that privatize water sources in the US, praying to the waters, sending loving vibrations and healing thoughts to all the waters of the earth everyday, including the water in our bodies!

Use Blue Bottle Love to honor your water in a vessel that supports your intentions and holds it in a beautiful blue light. Empower your water with positive intentions and in so doing, you empower yourself.