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Shipping Policy

Each bottle from Blue Bottle Love is hand sandblasted.  The bottles are made to order, so in this sense, your bottle will be infused with your energetic imprint and thoughts.  Our normal schedule is to ship out bottles every Friday, unless some unforeseen event does not allow this to happen.  Depending upon when you place your order, the production and shipment time could take up to 10-14 days.  Sometimes you can receive your order in as little as 5 days.  Please take these time frames into consideration when ordering.  The ideal time to order for the least amount of wait time, is by Sunday night of each week….all orders placed by that time will ship on Friday of the same week.

If you have a certain date that you must receive your order by, please make a note on the order page or give a follow up email, or call in,  so we may do our best to meet that date.  

Most bottle orders within the US are shipped via USPS Priority Mail if your order is 4x 750 ml bottles or 5x 500 ml bottles.  If you have a larger order or if you purchase the 5 Liter bottle, it will ship via Fed Ex Ground.  Please let us know if your address is residential or business if you are placing a larger order.  We cannot guarantee the arrival date of shipments that are shipped by USPS Priority Mail or Fed Ex ground.  If you would like to guarantee the date of arrival, you may call your order in and we will provide pricing options for guaranteed Express Mail and Priority Fed Ex rates to your address.  Please call 808.876.0009 to inquire.

For international orders, we do our best to find the best rate to ship the bottles to you.  We will ship using USPS or Fed Ex International Economy for the rates that appear for your order.  Unfortunately, the shipping costs are quite high to ship internationally.  We do our best to pack them well so that they arrive safely.  Please make sure your address is accurate before placing your order.  Also, please note that you may incur import taxes on the package upon arrival in your country. We have no control about the charges, but we do list the value as low as possible.  If you have any requests in this regard, or based on your knowledge of rules for your country, please make note of this in the notes section of your order.  Larger orders will ship by Fed Ex.

In regards to accessories, depending on your order and our warehouse stock, we might ship the accessories from our home office in Maui, HI.  This means you will have two different packages for your order.   Eventually everything will be streamlined into one shipment, but for now, this is how it works for us.   Brushes and slings can usually ship with the bottles, but any other accessory or book will come separately. We have recently updated our shipping prices to more closely cover the actual shipping costs, so there is a Flat Rate Price within each of these categories:  

Small items (slings, bottle brush, etc) ~ $3 flat rate shipping
1/2 liter and liter Bottles ~ $12 flat rate shipping
5 liter bottles ~ $15 flat rate shipping


PLEASE NOTE…Disclaimer:   We have discovered that somehow for International Orders, the site might incorrectly offer a very low price for small items.  We are trying to figure out HOW it does this, as it does not correspond to the information that has been input.  We reserve the right to adjust the shipping rates to actual shipping costs in this case, but we will notify you first.  If the shipping price seems too good to be true, then it probably is.   It is unfortunate that shipping internationally costs so much, but we are not the ones setting the prices, just paying the bills!  Thank you for your kind understanding.

You might or might not receive a shipping notification from Paypal when your order ships.  Some people receive a notification from PayPal and others don’t, or else it goes to the junk mail possibly.    The ideal time each week to order for the quickest turn around from the time you order to the time you receive your order would be to order by Sunday Night of any week.

Please note, all packaging materials you find in your shipment are from recycled and reused sources.  If you order just one bottle, it will arrive in one perfectly fitted box, no packing material.  If you order several bottles, then they will be boxed or wrapped in recycled cardboard and brown paper as the padding.  In some cases, we may need to fill the void with ReUsed packing peanuts to keep the weight down and the bottles well padded, especially for International orders.  We never buy these awful things, and we will always try to use the biodegradable peanuts.  If you do see any in your package, just know that we definitely did not buy them, only recycling from packages we receive or from donations.  You may continue the cycle of reusing them, by storing them for future use or taking them to a UPS or pack n ship store near you or give to another business or friend that could use them for packing material!

We have recently upgraded the packaging of the online orders, but we are still in process of perfecting how they are packaged.  Any feedback is welcome so we can better serve you and the environment at the same time!

If you do receive a damaged shipment, please let us know immediately and send photos of the outside and inside of your package.  We will be sure to send you replacements as soon as possible. Please email a note and photos to [email protected] to report any damage or missing items.  

For International shipments, please keep the packing material and broken pieces and present the shipment to your local post office to make record of the shipment so we may make a claim.  Please send photos of the inside and outside of your package. If you cannot provide the damage to your local post office, we can only refund the cost of the broken bottle.  If we are able to make a proper claim, then we will be sure to replace your order right away!