Water Blessings

Inspiration for you to bless your water everyday.

To yield, to embrace, to welcome
Washing our tears away
Quenching the thirst
Of our parched dry earth within us
Offering a hand to lean into
Reminding us we can begin
Again and again
Calling us home
Wave by wave
To soften our edges and
Fall into your quiet tender embrace
Reaching the depths of our longing
In continuous surrender
to the one Current
Offering oneself fully and holy to love
You who embody the source
Guiding us back home
Through your ancient wisdom
And sweet surprise
I bow to you and let go into
Your waters of living
Undulating, rippling, tumbling
Swirling, splashing, rushing
Drizzling, pouring, gushing
Erupting, swaying, embracing
A perfect manifestation of divine play
And fierce compassion
Generous beyond the seen
Nourishing our bodies and hearts
In your invisible ways
Flowing through our tears
Our laughter, our silent ways
of loving and caring
Our grief, our joy, our dreams
our most hidden yearnings
our dreams yet to be discovered
our prayers that bring us together
in spirit, in heart, in love
reminding us to cherish
the passing moments
of impeccable beauty
and overflowing delight
blessed we are you sing to us
as you kiss the stones
of this sacred earth