Blue Bottle Love is heading to Europe!! Yes…these gorgeous Blue Glass Water Bottles are wanted all throughout Europe now! People there are finally waking up to the Plastic Water Bottle fiasco that has plagued our beautiful Oceans and Lands.  As these blue glass bottles come from Italy, this totally makes sense, and has been in the plans for a long time!  The time is approaching, the adventure has been activated to meet the key players to make this happen!   Ibiza is the starting point for aligning with the Water Codes and Activating the frequencies of powerful and passionate players to make Blue Bottle Love Europe a reality!

It is quite amazing when  you allow yourself to go through, and then release, the fears that can block the growth and expansion that is wanting to happen.  As always, Blue Bottle Love has grown organically, without major investments or loans, just following the natural flow of growth that happens when you are passionate and purposeful, without being in a big hurry to get there!  For it is also about the journey and the very important “blessons” that you can learn along the way, honing your knowledge and agility to navigate in new territories.

This Blue Bottle Love journey is so fascinating as it truly is a LOVE STORY!  People fall in LOVE with these beautiful bottles when they see them…and for Kayden Radhe, FoundHer of Blue Bottle Love….everyday she falls more and more in Love with the bottles and with Water!  Learning so much about Water, and appreciating its Magic, and the incredible connections that evolve from loving Water so much!  This journey to Europe is not just about business expansion…it is so much more.  This is a journey for Water, for Water to express itself in a way that has never been expressed before. For Water to return to its original innocence, by diving into the deep Blue Frequency, with the understanding that in this way, the programmed frequencies forced upon us that do not serve our highest good can be released into the abyss—never to return!  This is the time to Fall in Love again with LIFE!  For the people who are true Water Allies, there is nothing more special than the joyful glee of being so turned on by Water and all it’s magical qualities! It is a time for less resistance….for our Watery selves to Flow and allow our Divine Nature, our essence of Water, to flow through our bodies and activate ALL the ways that We can be!

IN the World, not of the World

From the Sacred Rebel Oracle Cards by Alana Fairchild, In the World, not of the World ~Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Water is truly the most incredible thing…able to change from one state to another seemlessly.  To come bursting out of the Earth, full of the vibrancy of the magnetic Earth pulses…as Spring Water…fresh and cold from deep within…as Hot Springs…incredibly warm and healing…passing through the layers of Earth to visit the surface….offering so much Goodness and Vitality!  These waters tend to be the most healing to all beings whose composition is primarily Water…yes most of us are 99% Water by molecular count!   The endless cycle of Water happens here in this place we call Earth.  It is said that we are running out of Clean Water, and this can be considered true based on what so many corporations and greedy humans are doing to our most precious resource, directly and indirectly. How can we WAKE these Corporations UP….where do they exist that they do not have to even consider the consequences of destroying the aquifers and rivers and streams and oceans with toxic waste. For burning up our planet, using Water as the way to end the fires around the planet. What is going on really here?!?  The time has come to activate and unite and share the knowledge and power and magic of Water.

The mystery of Life and Love is in perpetual motion.  SO many humans are seeking the meaning of Life and Love….and this seeking activates our relationships and connections in a way that either empowers us or destroys us.  Those who repeat the patterns and choices over and over again, without learning are basically stuck in a loop that does not ascend, and limits their DNA from Spiraling up to new dimensions. These are the ones that are not only destroying themselves, but also the energies of the Earth plane by keeping their vibration at the lower frequencies.  Those that are seeking to improve their relationships and connections and activate their DNA Spiral to ascend to the higher realms understand that by vibrating their frequency higher and higher, we are spiraling up the DNA strand which is made possible with Water…yes WATER is The KEY to it ALL, the Key of Truth…for Water is Life, Life is Love, Love is Water.   We come from Water, We are returning to Water, We are Water.

If you dare to embrace this understanding of Water, you are on your way to discovering that your True Nature is Water.  Please  join the expansion and growth and honoring of Water if your True Nature is called to be activated and aligned. You will know, for Truth is revealed as Water seeks its Own level…This is undeniable.

Stay tuned for more or please be in touch if you are called by Water to be a part of this European Expansion!  The time is Now! Aho!


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