String Bottle BackPack


  • String Bottle Holder Made in Bali by Blue Moloko
  • Made from repurposed/recycled nylon
  • Double straps to carry over one shoulder or as backpack
  • Holds bottle very secure and allows sunlight to solarize the water
  • Embodies the Diamond-shape Water Code symbol
  • Stretches to fit all Blue Bottle Love S,M,L bottles
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The String Bottle Holders  are back!! And better than ever!  No Tassle on the bottom…so this allows the bottles to stand up when you are not wearing your bottle on your back.

These playful and fully functional mini backpack slings are Ideal for Blue Bottle Love bottles!  Carry your water on the back of your heart to easily transport your Blue Bottle Love wherever you go!

These are made in Bali by our beautiful friends of WoaBoa on IG.  These are so well thought out, and totally fashionable, hip and adorable all in one!  Your hands are totally free, the bottle stays close to your body, and helps you walk with your shoulders back and your posture nicely aligned.

The Nylon ones are nice and stretchy and fit a nice range of sizes.  These fit our Skinny 500 ml, Medium 750 ml and Large 1 Liter bottles!  They also fit other bottles, 16  oz – 40 oz. It might take a little extra effort to stretch it out on the Liter, but it definitely fits. Open the sack between the two thicker shoulder straps that will stretch open. Stabilize the bottle on your lap or soft surface.  Pull it carefully onto the bottle.  The two shoulder straps will lock around the neck of the bottle, when you tighten the shoulder straps.  The bottle then stays very secure in the holder.  You can also carry your portable music speakers in these super cool holders!!   Attention if you use the carrier with a LITER bottle especially…and you try to carry it on one shoulder with both straps…this usually does not work out well with the balance of the bottle filled with water.  So it is a good practice to go ahead and use as a backpack.

ATTENTION: Make sure there is always a thick strap on each side of the neck and pull  the straps until they fit snugly next to the neck of the bottle. See photo gallery for the final closed look of the sling when properly fitted.

COLORS AVAILABLE include 2 new colors!! Photos coming soon!
Turquoise, Peridot, Angelite,  Lapis,  Platinum, Red Agate , Goldstone

Please note…each sling is tested BEFORE Shipping to ensure that you can definitely fit the sling onto your bottle.  These slings are Extra tight and very strong,  knowing this, you should be able to succeed in getting the slings onto your bottle!  Video coming!!

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Weight .4 lbs

Turquoise, Peridot, Angelite, Lapis, Platinum, Red Agate, Goldstone


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