Ceremonial Cup & Cacao Bundle


  • Set includes 1 lb Keiths Cacao and 2 Genie Cups
  • Ceremonial Grade Cacao
  • Perfect Cups for Cacao Ceremony
  • Price includes Shipping from Maui, Hawaii to USA

Just in time for the holidays, this is a limited time offer, of  Keith’s Cacao Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Guatemala plus 2 Genie Cups.  I have found this Cacao to be quite delicious  and what better time of year to be partaking in Cacao Ceremony …when it is mostly cold outside and we want to be warm and nourished on the inside.    Cacao truly is a medicine and the journeys you can take with it are very healing.

And putting them into the beautiful genie Cups is such a delightful way to drink Cacao.  These cups are magical and also they are limited in stock.  We are not even sure if we will be able to make more!  So this is a fantastic opportunity to get this bundled deal.

This will ship from Maui, Hawaii exclusively.   Important, the price includes shipping from Maui, Hawaii.  This offer is not available free for International Customers.  We can however add shipping cost after the fact.


ps…will add more to this listing…thank you!!

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Weight 3 lbs


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