Five Liter Sandblasted Bottle

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    • Gorgeous true blue glass is made in Italy

    • Thick glass is durable and reusable

    • Water stays fresh and clean and more hydrogen rich

    • 5 Liter holds plenty of Blue Solar Water
    • Exclusive Swing Top is BPA-free, leak-proof, & always ON the bottle

AND>>>>the 5 LITER Sandblasted are Back in stock!! WhooHOO!!   Thank you for your patience on these…we are delighted to be able to offer them again!

We are so excited to offer these amazing bottles to you!! Coming directly from Italy, these are the real deal of true blue glass made especially for energizing water with the frequency of BLUE…the primordial color for water!    These bottles are so epic and the sandblast is so big and beautiful!!   The images are about 5″ and look fantastic on the bottles! This has been a LONG TIME coming as many of you know!  Thank you for your patience.  Sometimes when it is SO GOOD….the waiting makes it even more rewarding when you finally receive!!

We are now actually running low on these bottles in the USA…but they are available with our EU website. Due to shipping issues from Europe, we will run out by the end of 2022.   And in the future, we will surely be bringing more in.  Please take extra good care of the bottles if you do decide to make one or more a part of your life.

When transporting or setting the bottle out in the sun, please do not fill all the way to the very top.  Leave at least 1″ at the top for some room for expansion.  Also, do not leave longer than 15-30 minutes if the sun is exceedingly hot.  You can leave then bottle in the shade for extended outdoor solarizing.  Otherwise, 15 minutes is enough time to receive the benefits of the sunlight passing through the blue glass. Thank you for your careful attention to this detail. And of course, do not put into the freezer or leave out when the weather is freezing.   Another good way to keep pressure from building up inside the bottle when making Blue Solar Water is to just set the cap on top of the bottle, without locking it down.   This way if any pressure does build up, the air can still escape.

In the meantime, we found a beautiful option for dispensing these bottles!  You can either use an easy to find ceramic crock pot as shown in the slide show of photos. These are readily available at various box stores and online.  As for the other very special clear glass dispenser shown in the photos, that one comes from our friends at Alive Waters!

Follow this link, to  ALIVE Waters   Check out all the items they offer, but their glass dispenser is really nice for pairing with your Five Liter Bottle from Blue Bottle Love! They also deliver incredible Spring Water to San Francisco, LA, and Austin-San Antonio area as well as in Florida from Miami to West Palm Beach.   Use this COUPON CODE “9f”  to  receive 15% off your first Spring Water Delivery if you are fortunate enough to live where they deliver.

Please note, when you place the 5 liter on top of any dispenser, the water will stay inside Blue Bottle Love until there is an air release that allows the water to empty out.  This is an amazing phenomenon…but it also allows the water to really get Blue’d Up…especially if there is some sunlight shining on it!  Just tip the bottle a little and let some air in, and the water will dispense when the level of the water in the dispenser is lower than the mouthpiece of the 5 liter bottle.  You can empty all the water into the dispenser and then fill up the 5 liter again!

**If there is a very tight seal between the 5 liter and the dispenser below, you will need to insert a small item — ideally flexible — between the bottle and dispenser, on two sides, to allow for a tiny amount of space to allow the air to flow, making an air gap, so that the water will dispense. Even the stem of a  flower will work temporarily!  

Five liters is a great amount of water to be able to stock up on, especially if you are gathering Spring Water…one of our favorite kinds of water!  The glass is very thick and the bottles are solid and sturdy and very easy to hold with the nice sized finger grip.   When you are traveling in your car, be sure to put its seat belt on or secure it safely with towels or an appropriate container, so it does not roll around or tip over.  Please see the photo gallery to see our favorite method to carry these beauties in the car…a sturdy flat bottomed basket that fits snugly on floor of back seat, with a small sheepskin or towel to pad, support and insulate the water.  The new swing top lid is very secure and works great, as long as it is sealed!

These are the best bottles for  making plenty of Blue Solar Water  at one time.  You can then fill other containers with your charged water.  You may also be someone who wants to have this much water with them each day.  These bottles are ideal for refilling with filtered water from home or from the store. Kangen Water LOVES to be held in these Beautiful bottles.  The negative ORP stays activated for much longer than any other bottle.  SpringAqua also LOVES to be held in Blue Bottle Love.  And the ORP, hydrogen  and structure of this water is beautifully supported by the frequency of the BLUE!

These Blue Glass Water Bottles are really fantastic for holding Fresh Spring Water as the blue glass will only enhance rather than detract from the quality of the fresh spring water like plastic would.   The best website to visit for finding a nearby spring to source your own Spring Water is Find A Spring!  Check it out…these bottles are PERFECT for collecting Spring Water!  Clear glass is great if you will be drinking the water soon, but if you collect spring water in the Blue Glass, you can store it longer and more safely, and you can actually improve the water by storing it in this beautiful vessel of primordial blue.

If you go out and you need more than 1 liter of water, but not 5 liters, this is still a great option! You have the choice of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 liters of water in this beauty!!  So no more excuses of not having enough water with you!  Fits into many coolers and backpack coolers as well.  This is THE BOTTLE for storing your water! And we now have a super cool backpack cooler available on our site!

***If you are choosing to use on top of a dispenser….remember that these images will look best:  Triskelion, Water Code, Water is Life is Love, Merkaba Dolphins and Eternal Lotus.  These will all display nicely on the dispenser, since the designs are the same in the up and down orientations.  Check out the photos to see how it fits!  If you would like your image placed upside down, include a note with your order specifying this….this would be for the images that have wording or an image that looks best only in one direction.  This means that the writing can be read, when it’s turned upside down.   For now, your very clear preferences in the notes will be best option.

Please be sure to pick your favorite design amongst these designs listed below—click on each to learn more about the meaning of each design.   PLEASE NOTE:  These bottles will usually ship separately from the smaller bottles, Blue Love Body and Home Care, and any Accessories.  If you order the plain 5 liters as well, they will most likely be packed together.   International orders will require compiling all the items you order, to ship as one shipment, and this might require extra package preparation time.


CLICK on any of the designs listed below to learn more about the design.  All are available now on the 5 LITER!
~***Water is Life is Love    
~*** Triskelion  
~ ***Water Code  
~***Merkaba Dolphins
~*** Eternal Lotus
~***Ho`oponopono Lotus Circle

~ Ascension Alchemy  
~Ho`oponopono Love Gratitude Compassion Forgiveness
~ Sri Yantra  
~Love Swirl
~ Swirly Om
~Divine Harmony
~Honu-PonoPono Turtle
~Yes Love Aloha 
~Joyful Bliss Dragonflies
~UMA~the universal human
~ GRATITUDE (horizontal)
~ LOVE LOGO  (horizontal)
~Loving Waters
~ Divine Love by Prema Love
~ Nectars of Life by Mary Isis
~ Phoenix
~The Way Forward



This bottle weighs 4.5 lbs empty and 15 lbs Full

The diameter is about 7″ and height is 14″

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 7 in

Eternal Lotus, Ascension Alchemy, Ho`oponopono Lotus Circle, Sri Yantra, Love Swirl, Moksha, Swirly Om, Awakening, Abundance, Mermaid, HonuPonoPono Turtle, Beelieve, GRATITUDE, Loving Waters, Phoenix, The Way Forward

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  1. Carmel Callan (verified owner)

    I had been looking for a larger blue glass water bottle for sometime, and I feel so very grateful to have found a site where I had my choice of so many sacred images with which my bottle could be etched, additionally blessing and charging my water while solarizing it. The 5L jug is extremely high quality glass, Italian made and an absolute aesthetic treat to the senses. Much stronger than a gallon glass cider bottle for example, but not at all too heavy where I’m nervous to put it down when full because it’s really so nice and sturdy. Love love love it!

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