Five Liter Sandblasted Bottle


  • Gorgeous true blue glass is made in Italy

  • Thick, break resistant glass is durable and reusable.

  • Water stays fresh and clean and more oxygenated.

  • 5 Liter holds plenty of Blue Solar Water
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PLEASE NOTE:  We are SOLD OUT of these amazing and beautiful bottles.  We were supposed to have them in stock again by May of 2019, but unfortunately, there was a problem in production.  Next production will hopefully happen in July of this year, so we all can have more 5 liter bottles by September or October!!  Please sign up for our newsletter so you can be sure to know when the 5 LITER bottles will be available again.  The newsletter sign up is found on the homepage.  Thank you for your interest and kind understanding!  This is the most recent update from May 13, 2019




We are so excited to offer these amazing bottles to you!! Coming directly from Italy, these are the real deal of true blue glass made especially for energizing water with the frequency of BLUE…the primordial color for water!    These bottles are so epic and the sandblast is so big and beautiful!!   The images are about 5″ and look fantastic on the bottles!

Five liters is a great amount of water to be able to stock up on, especially if you are gathering Spring Water…our favorite water!  The glass is very thick and the bottles are solid and sturdy and very easy to hold with the nice sized finger grip.  The cap is Black Phenolic and fits perfectly.  When you are traveling in your car, be sure to put its seat belt on or secure it safely so it does not roll around or tip over. We  do have extra caps available as they can break…please pay attention to the cap.   Also, make sure the bottle is always upright so that the water only touches the GLASS…and not the plastic cap.  Unfortunately, we have not yet found a suitable and secure alternative to plastic for the caps—but we are definitely on the lookout!

These are the best bottles for  making plenty of Blue Solar Water  at one time.  You can then fill other containers with your charged water.  You may also be someone who wants to have this much water with them each day.  These bottles are ideal for refilling with filtered water from home or from the store.  And they are really fantastic for holding fresh spring water as the blue glass will only enhance rather than detract from the quality of the fresh spring water like plastic would.  Clear glass is great if you will be drinking the water soon, but if you collect spring water in the Blue Glass, you can store it longer and more safely, and you can actually improve the water by storing it in this beautiful vessel of primordial blue.

IN addition, these bottles fit onto ceramic water dispensers!! This is really great news…and the Flower of Life, Triskelion, Water Code, and Water is Life is Love designs will all display nicely on the dispenser or not…since the designs are the same in the up and down orientations.  Check out the photos to see how it fits!

Please be sure to pick your favorite design amongst these designs listed below—click on each to learn more about the meaning of each design.   PLEASE NOTE:  These bottles will always ship separately from the Liters, half liters, Blue Love and any accessories.  

~ Ascension Alchemy  
~ Flower of Life   
~ Seed of Life Vitality  
~ Sri Yantra  
~ Triskelion  
~ Water Code  
~Water is Life is Love    
~Ho`oponopono Love Gratitude Compassion Forgiveness 
~Love Swirl
~Divine Harmony
~Honu-PonoPono Turtle
~Merkaba Dolphins


We have added several new options to the list of designs available for the 5 liter bottles.  Shipping time could take up to 2 weeks as we do not keep these stocked and on hand as supplies are limited.   Your bottle will be made to order


This bottle weighs 4.5 lbs empty and 15 lbs Full

The diameter is about 7″ and height is 13.5″

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 7 in


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